Forget everything you know about music. Forget that the current status is a bit hazy. Forget that original lyrics are almost extinct.  Forget that talented artists are in a constant battle to be heard. Forget reputations. Forget egos and try to focus on the superb artistry that is presented to us through DooGood & Bond’s latest singles entitled, “Complicated, “and“Subliminal;” from their up and comping album Power. I have to admit as a fan of music it was hard to choose my favorite. “Complicated,” is drenched in classic R&B tones; from the smooth vocal presence to the rich and full driven drum cadence, which is only enhanced by the lyrics to the song: “we all have our tribulations with our trials” what an incredible segue to their latest project and a sign of the ever-changing musical times.  “Subliminal,” while still vocally smooth is slightly more aggressive vocally and musically. Honestly the sound was a nice unexpected but unique combination that seems to work really well for the duo.  In fact, “Subliminal,” was actually anything but what the title suggests. The vocals are strong and edgier than “Complicated,” and the duo sounds confident and boisterous as they chant, “you can’t move me, because I plant the seeds… “over the energy driven production that transcend genres. There’s a slight air of consciousness in the lyrical delivery enhancing but not overpowering the passion of the song and I love it. These two singles definitely left me wanting more and if they are at all a hint of what’s to come from DooGood & Bond, then I expect to hear quality music for years to come. 

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