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@Jersey_Moulin: Evolution of a Butterfly (guest writer @unlimitedryzons)

“Just when the caterpillar thought it was over, she became a butterfly.”


The first time I saw a butterfly, I turned to my father and asked him, “Does that butterfly know how beautiful it is?” I can only imagine what my father was thinking, but I remember him saying, “Butterflies, don’t know the color of their wings, so I would guess they don’t know exactly how beautiful they are.” There’s beauty in the unknowing, there’s beauty in reaching your breaking point, shedding the old skin and evolving into the light the universe has prepared for you. There’s beauty in becoming…

There’s beauty in Jersey Moulin. At first glance she’s an actress known for roles on several web series most notably, “Between Women,” but if you delve more into the colors you will find that this butterfly is also a poet, a writer, a philanthropist, and a musician; couple that with motherhood and you have still only scratched the surface of this beauty. So who is Jersey Moulin?

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