SONG REVIEW: The Ardents

Whether holding notes with the strength of a suspension bridge, or lightheartedly singing falsetto tones of love; The Ardents is simply a phenomenal band. I had the pleasure of listening to two new singles from the band and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The first single “Wish,” is a perfect blend of instrumentation and melodious undertones. The lead vocalist is tempered, tuneful, and richly controlled as she slowly draws you in to this full-bodied track with full vocal prows immediately. From the guitar driven opening to the climatic vocal presence, “Wish,” is an amazing arrangement of vocals, instrumentation, and talent. While the second track “Shadow of me,” is somewhat nostalgic; with the bands musical arrangement combining sensuousness, melding beautifully with the unique timbre of the lead’s voice as she sings “…just a shadow of me,” with such musical poise and harmony that one would have to wonder if she’s secretly a musical veteran.  Amazingly done, this song is easily my favorite because it teeters the genre line, and I could undoubtedly hear it in a coffee shop or a movie. What really draws the listener in on this particular track is the soulful tone, there’s no denying the passion behind this song; it’s exemplified in every note. The controlled vocal presence is sonorous and pure, this band is a rare and talented gem.  The music is mature but fun, it’s the sound of resiliently taking control of your art and creating magic and it’s beautifully done.

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