@JawzofLife : God’s vision in the flesh #SpeakLife

A lot of us are  out here trying to manicure our perceived sscreen-shot-2016-10-07-at-6-15-24-pmelf; trying to perfect what God has already created. Spending more time on selfies than on actual self; trying to be what we’re not. It’s such an oxymoron..and then there’s “Jawz Of Life.” An Atlanta MC walking in his own purity, creating his own happiness, dancing to the beat of his own boombox. Figuratively of course! And to be honest, we like it. He’s a son, a brother, a husband, a father, and most importantly a Christian.  But does that mean we  should describe him as a Christian Rapper?

Absolutely not, he’s a rapper who happens to be Christian. There’s a subtle difference but please understand, there’s a difference. Would you call a lawyer, a Christian lawyer; you don’t go to a Christian pharmacy, nor do you reference your mechanic as the Christian mechanic  who services my car, so there’s no need to distinguish it here.  Instead call him a masterpiece of creativity, a man drenched in talent spewing metaphor after metaphor of love, life, and growth.

His most recent single, “Love Unconditional,” featuring Tone Jonez exemplifies the type of man he is, one filled with a vision to #speaklife versus glorify death, and that alone makes him a vision of perfection


Check out Jawz Of Life here

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