@Jersey_Moulin: Evolution of a Butterfly (guest writer @unlimitedryzons)

“Just when the caterpillar thought it was over, she became a butterfly.”


The first time I saw a butterfly, I turned to my father and asked him, “Does that butterfly know how beautiful it is?” I can only imagine what my father was thinking, but I remember him saying, “Butterflies, don’t know the color of their wings, so I would guess they don’t know exactly how beautiful they are.” There’s beauty in the unknowing, there’s beauty in reaching your breaking point, shedding the old skin and evolving into the light the universe has prepared for you. There’s beauty in becoming…

There’s beauty in Jersey Moulin. At first glance she’s an actress known for roles on several web series most notably, “Between Women,” but if you delve more into the colors you will find that this butterfly is also a poet, a writer, a philanthropist, and a musician; couple that with motherhood and you have still only scratched the surface of this beauty. So who is Jersey Moulin?

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“Jersey Moulin is the true definition of a lady. She encourages everyone around her and doesn’t just speak positivity she lives it. She’s one of the best hosts I’ve ever seen and still with all the talents she has she remains one of most humble people I have ever met.” says Artist & Reality star Chris Gould.

During a playful exchange of words on twitter, I called Jersey a celebrity, she replied, “ I am just Jersey.” But again who is Jersey? When fans talk about Jersey Moulin, they rave about her. Mention her, ask for comparisons and two names spring forth: Marilyn Monroe because of her sensual mystery and Angela Davis for her drive. Jersey Moulin is persistent and talented, she has been on the scene in some shape, form, or fashion for at the least 10 years and yet, as recently as last year fans were just starting to rave about, “Between Women,”  being a clear “break-out moment,” for Jersey who has been featured on Studville TV, as well as NYGTV.


So what gives?

“I think it’s the nature of the business, when you want to be a star you cultivate that. You’re pushing that. You’re doing social media. You’re out and on the scene. You’re self promoting almost to a fault and Jersey’s never really been like that. She’s team everyone win and that’s what you see reflected on her social media, and in her personality. I think she wants to be an actress and philanthropist and have her work recognized like we all do, but I am not so sure being a star is her main objective.” says Author and Black Girls Rock advocate and panelist Angela Lee who admits she has never met Jersey but has followed her career for the last 3 years. “More than anything, I think Jersey just likes doing what she loves and everything else is secondary,” Lee says.

“The thing about Jersey is, she can do anything. I want people to recognize that she can do anything. I don’t know exactly what it takes, but she does. She has a natural gift of gaging a situation and showing  all of us that she’s just as great doing one thing as she is the next, being in the same industry we take note of who’s doing what. We are constantly watching to see who is gonna drop the next big move so we can step our game up, Jersey is always doing something unexpected just look at the mix tapes we never saw that coming;” says Young Hitta of Atlanta’s Furious Entertainment.

I don’t know what gives, maybe saying she is breaking out could be construed as a bit condescending maybe she is a butterfly that keeps evolving. She’s talented, humble, and persistent.  She’s an extraordinary talent, and perhaps at this moment we are witnessing a new evolution. One can only become a butterfly when they want to fly so much, they are willing to give up being a caterpillar. So Fly Jersey. Fly.




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