@TherdChild: Young Renaissance King


1When I was told to review, write, and explore the King that is Therdchild I asked our editor/creator, “So, what exactly does he do?” A quick google search changed the question from, “What does he do, to what doesn’t he do?” Photographer, sometimes model, rapper, producer, videographer, and editor….to sum it up, Therdchild is an artist; and a very good one.

As a musician, Therdchild paints vivid images of life in growing up in Inglewood, California. He’s witty, intellectual, charming, and a natural story teller armed with the charisma of a seasoned stand-up comedian. His album, “Colour,” is a mystifying interpretation of life through the eyes of a third child; he glides through story after story figuratively transporting the listener into his world and back out again. The production, also done by the young artist is solid; and reminiscent of the 90s with rich melodies and deep bass lines.2

As a photographer, who sometimes finds himself on the opposite side of the camera modeling; Therdchild has a keen eye for visuals. His shots are a reflective of his view of his surroundings, poetically shot displays of love and tragedy through the eyes of a visual painter. He’s honest with his shots, open, transparent, and creative. He is a definitive characterization of, “Renaissance.” Check under the cut for some of his work!



Instagram | Twtter| Soundcloud: Therdchild






























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