@NolaLookAlive: The Wave God **SNEAK PEAK**

Music isn’t an easy arena to conquer as a woman, stack on politically driven messages, and a sense of awareness so thick she wears it like armor and you might have a clearer picture of, ‘Look Alive.” Her music is honest, it’s brutal, it’s passionate and it’s taking her places only those with the gall to be labeled, “genius,” are allowed to venture to. Today marks the release of her 6th mixtape,“The Black Madonna,” and from the look of things the momentum doesn’t appear to be stopping anytime soon. So one question remains, why haven’t you heard her yet?  

Maybe you’re looking for ‘Look Alive,’ in the midst of over saturated egotistically driven boisterous radio tunes and to be honest that’s probably why you haven’t heard of her…..yet.  Look Alive’s newest project is a reflection of where you might find this New Orleans’s native…. Somewhere, “woke.” Tracks like “Oh Lawd”, “Holy Water,” and “Know Who You Are,” conjure the young Huey Newton in Look, while “Beggar”, “Emotional”, and “Guitar Hero,” bring a vulnerable some times illusive side out. A perfect balance of life , love, and justice through the eyes of a young radical revolutionary.

The Black Madonna lives up to the name, but wait what exactly is the The Black Madonna? It’s the reason your favorite rappers are delving into unknown territories trying to find their musical and cultural heritage. It’s the reason we love hip hop, it’s bass driven, it’s convoluted, it’s conscious minded bars! It’s an indie artist in 2016 pushing hip hop past planet rock into the Heavens.
Click Here to check out the new album.


  1. Found this on twitter I like her the mixtape is actually pretty good will continue to support.


  2. Think I saw this come by on my twitter feed, she is cute lol. I click the link her music is pretty good. I like her style she should model. Keep this blog up, we need this shit.


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